Vampire Treatment PRP

Vampire treatment is a recognized method used by those who want to reduce wrinkles, scars, lines, and damage to the skin.

Treatment is also referred to as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) as one uses the patient's own blood, including platelets and their growth factors to stimulate the skin's own production of collagen and elastin. The blood centrifuges, so that platelets and cytokines (a type of hormones) are separated, then sprayed the liquid into the skin with Syltynn needle to achieve renewal.

The effect of treatment is a renewed and revitalized skin where wrinkles, lines, scars, slack skin, pores, and sun damage are reduced.

The method is considered clean, natural and environmentally friendly and thus a good alternative to more harmful drugs.

  • Treatment against wrinkles on the face
  • 10-30 ml of blood, depending on how much you need, drained from the arm.
  • Blood sample centrifuged for 10 minutes to separate out platelets and cytokines
  • Blood plates should repair damage and stop bleeding, while the cytokines will promote cell growth.
  • Expected processing time up to 90 minutes

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