Urologist-Exposition Bladder disturbances

Study of bladder disturbances (Cystoskopi) is an examination of the bladder and urethra (output from bladder). The Cystoskopi also apply to surgical procedures such as cleavage on urethra, urinblære, bladder neck and prostate gland. Cystoskopi is an important part of the study on suspicion of disease in the lower parts of the urinary tract, and for the monitoring of any treatment. [Wc_accordion collapse = "1"] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> How does treatment take place?"] A thin tube, an endoscopy, is entered through the urethra and up into the bladder. The doctor can see through the Cystoskopet because it is connected to a light source. In this way, the doctor can inspect the bladder and the urethra. You will before the study be sedated with Xylocaine GEL 2% locally in the urethra. Cystoskopet is associated with a rinsing system so that clear fluid flows into the bladder during the entire study. The liquid expands the bladder and ensures a good overview. You don't have to persist before the survey, nor end with medications. [/wc_accordion_section] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> Facts about the treatment:"]

  • You're in the hospital around. 1 – 1.5 hours
  • Treatment takes about. 10-15 minutes
  • We have public agreement with the health Vest when it comes to exposition of vannlatnings ailments in men related to enlarged prostate.  This means that you as a patient only pay a public deductible plus any material costs.

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