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-I thought I was still thick.

18 Jul, 2018

After the slim operation, the Ramona Larsen had lots of excess skin on his stomach. She's been arranging this at the private hospital Haugesund.   The pre-pictures of the Ramona Larsen show a protruding stomach distributed in two large valks with flabby and excess skin. With the fact that the stomach does not hang, so much downwards, as it usually does in such cases, the 49-year-old believed that she was still thick several years after the slender operation. Larsen had performed a dietary operation at Haugesund Hospital in 2011, having carried at 140 kilograms for about ten years. -I had tried to slim myself many times but after stretching the abdomen and stomach so much over a long time is there maybe surgery that has to be? Says she's questioning. The operation was successful, and Ramona went down 50 kilos.  


The large and flabby stomach remained, however, a problem, while that Ramona long did not think she could be the candidate for plastic surgery. But in the end, she took it up with a GP. She was referred to surgeon Fredrik Gewalli in the private hospital Haugesund – I thank our Lord to the present day that I had this opportunity, beating the 49-year-old Firm. She was not high in the hat the first time she met up for consultation at the private hospital. I had a bad experience when I was in my 20s back in Bodø. I had very large breasts, and was considered for surgery. The surgeon exclaimed that I was absolutely huge. Then I turned around and went back home. The commentary is sitting in, and made that I got a disgrace in me, says Ramona, who was afraid to be faced with the same stance on PSH. She didn't have to worry about that. -The human way you are received on there is completely touching. I felt no shame and no fear, and being almost on the cry just off to tell about it.  

   Finally in place

Ramona Larsen had first performed a tummy tuck, and some time later she was also approved for breast reduction. The breasts, which before the slender operation were very large, were subsequently very droopy and consisted of a lot of loose skin.  When she was going to the consultation for the latter, she knew that she did not need to be afraid of how she would be seen and received at PSH. -The follow-up you get is absolutely amazing, it's almost not possible to explain how valuable they make you feel. And they were on the supply side all the time during their stay. It was like being in a luxury hotel, ending the Ramona Larsen, who is gloriously happy with a body that is finally "in place" after the slimming operation.  


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