Both acute and chronic tendon – and muscle damage can be stimulated by the healing of the body's own growth factors. PRP is carried by centrifuge 60 ml of the patient's own blood, one can separate out 5 ml plasma with high concentration of platelets. This can then be injected into the appropriate damaged tendon or muscle for faster healing and quicker function recovery. This treatment is appropriate for athletes and others with disabilities. Nascent wear in hip-knee ankle-shoulder can now also be treated with injection of plate rich plasma (PRP). Studies show that this treatment reduces pain and fluidity in frayed joints, both in younger and older patients. [Wc_accordion collapse = "1"] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> How does treatment take place?"] Treatment takes about. 45 minutes and takes place in local anesthesia. The patient may charge after the injection. The effect sets in after 1 – 6 weeks and lasts from months to years, and will give the patient the opportunity to resume training and activities that were previously painful or impossible. About. 70% of patients experiencing this effect. [/wc_accordion_section] [Wc_accordion collapse = "1"] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> Some current indications"]

  • Tennis Elbow
  • Achilles tendon injuries (chronic and acute)
  • ligament damage
  • Muskelavrivninger
  • Violations that grow poorly. [/wc_accordion_section] [/wc_accordion]

  PRP's treatment is not covered by the agreement with the health Vest.


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