Obesity surgery

Overweight surgery is not just about reducing weight – excess weight (BMI above 30) is also a serious health problem resulting in significant risk of follow-up diseases such as heart attack, stroke, diabetic (Diabetes type 2), high blood pressure, muscle and skeletal disorders, Reduced fertility, søvnapne, and psychiatric disorders. Having one BMI of over 35 is risk very high for accompanying diseases, and the likelihood that one has already follow diseases is great. With Overvektstkirurgi, you get control of the weight and reduce the risk of serious health problems.

Why do you choose a slim operation?

People who choose to come to us have often tried to slim down and reduce obesity for a long time. They have certainly been successful for a short period of time but then you are constantly gaining weight again.  It's not about laziness and "weak character," The Body "remembers" the highest stable weight and tries to avoid a lower weight. This is the main reason why almost everyone fails with dieting. The private Hospital of Haugesund is the only private player outside Bergen and Oslo that offers over-weight surgery, also referred to as slender operation. Welcome to a free and no-obligation consultation. Together we find out if this is the solution for you.


Våre hudleger kan hjelpe deg
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Vare hudleger kan hjelpe deg
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