Myths and facts

What are the facts and what are just myths about our weight?

It abounds with myths and falsehoods about health and overweight. This will let us put an end to and do our part to spread the facts. Read up here; I'm sure You'il get a few surprises!

You can't drink calories.

Myth: Many drinks are actually decent calorie bombs and can break for weight reduction. A glass of orange juice is 86 kcal, Cappuccino is up to 250 kcal and an iced tea can be up to 200 kcal.

Diabetes 2 cannot be prevented.

Myth: If one is active more than four hours a week you have less chance to develop diabetes type 2. In some cases, the genes are the cause, but for the most part, regular exercise will seem preventive.

The body will always try to reclaim the kilos it has lost.

Fact: Our body is built for survival and propagation. Fast weight reduction is perceived as a loss for the body. This is controlled by hormones, and the body will continually attempt to regain the kilos it has lost. When overweight surgery resets the body's reference weight and gives you a better starting point for success with the weight loss.

The World Health Organization states that overweight is the most neglected health threat and a major social problem.

Fact: In a short period of time, obesity has taken over as one of the world's largest health problems, and the development continues in the wrong direction.

The United States is the world's most obese nation.

Myth: This is a well known myth. In the United States, 30% of the population has BMI over 30 (Category: Obesity). The country that thrones atop this scale is the small Pacific island of Nauru, where the entire 94.5% of the population is obese.

Alcohol is not fattening.

Myth: Alcohol contains a lot of sugar, and has a very high calorie content. Also, it is common to be hungry by alcohol, which causes many people eating more than they really need.

Obesity is due exclusively to our genes.

Myth: Although genes play a role it is rare that there are hereditary factors that determine our weight. Lifestyles are the main cause of obesity.

A lifestyle change is required to maintain weight loss after obesity surgery.

Fact: Many people think surgery to remove obesity is a quick fix and that the patient will release cheap away. This is a myth. It requires a turnaround from the patient's side, with own weight loss, exercise, lifestyle change and dedication life out. Overweight surgery is effective and lasting, but not easy for it operated and not without own effort in advance and after time.

Compared to 1970, average weight is currently 10 kilograms higher.

Myth: This is unfortunately a myth. The truth is that the average weight has increased a total of 20 kilos since 1970.

Overweight surgery should be the last resort in the fight against excess weight.

Fact: Overweight surgery is not the option for you who has put on you a few kilos. Like all other surgery, it is not risk-free, and there are stringent requirements for the patient. Obesity surgery is too many rescues, but there should also be a final option when everything else has failed.

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