The original Microneedle treatment gets you at PSH, now as gift cards to a loved one! Microneedling is one of the most innovative ways to improve skin condition.

How does microneedling work?

Advanced factional microneedling treatment increases skin kollagenproduksjon. The reproducing of natural elastic components in the skin can be likened to the effect of a milder fractional laser, albeit with much less side effects and shorter tilhelingstid. Microneedling reduces wrinkles and lines, provides a firmer and younger looking skin and a visible enhancement of the overall skin condition already after the 1st. Treatment. Please contact us for more information on Microneedling or gift certificates on skin treatment. Treatment areas:

  • Relax and aged skin
  • Pigmenteringer
  • Scars after acne, surgery, burns
  • Fine lines also towards eyes and mouth
  • Stretch marks

Treatment: During microneedling treatment, 12 sterile disposable needles vibrate and creates up to 1300 microkanaler in the skin per second. An adjustable Nåldybde from 0, 5mm to 2, 5mm is used depending on the area to be processed. This effectively ensures the absorption of treatment preparation, and a kollagenstimulerende effect deep in the skin. In the treatment, serum is used for the highest attainable concentrate of active natural substances which include low molecular hyaluronic acid, vitamins and inflammatory ingredients. The treatment with microneedling happens with minimal discomfort. Anaesthetic cream can be used in treatment if required. The treatment itself is fast and takes about 30 minutes. The result: Typically, 3-4 treatments are needed to reach an optimal result and it should go 4-6 weeks between each treatment. Many people see the result already after the initial treatment. Your skin condition will be improved further after a treatment cure. Full effect will be achieved one month after the last treatment.  


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