Liposuction (Liposculpture)

Liposuction, also called liposculpture, removes local fat deposits on the body. Fat accumulation in various places on the body can be genetically or hormonally conditioned and can often neither be slimmed nor trained. The Liposculpture eliminates a fat accumulation in your problem areas in a gentle way so you can get the body of your dreams. It provides lasting effect as no new fat cells are created. It refines that liposuction does not replace dieting. [Wc_accordion collapse = "1"] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> How does treatment take place?"] The treatment is gentle. It takes place in local anesthesia with the addition of soothing and pain relievers provided by the proficient general practitioner. [/wc_accordion_section] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> What can one expect?"] The treatment itself is undertaken without the use of maskinsug and thin kanyler to control the shaping. The use of this technique has reduced the incidence of irregularity and page inequalities. The Sugningen itself is made through small holes that are placed strategically so that they leave insignificant scars. [/wc_accordion_section] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> who can be operated?"] In principle, all women and men over the age of 18 can be considered for surgery.   [/wc_accordion_section] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> Consultation before treatment:"] Those seeking liposuction are offered a non-committal conversation where you will receive a thorough professional guidance and information on the procedure. [/wc_accordion_section] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> Complications and side effects:"] As with any treatment that involves perforation of the skin it can cause infections. This is very rare, but one should be obs if one turns red, swollen and gets pain in the appropriate area the days after treatment. Please contact your PSH or your own doctor. However, bruising in the skin is not uncommon, but is considerably smaller than by the traditional liposuction. Impaired sensations in the skin are common, but this is eventually normal. The swelling in the areas that are processed is normal. The compression garment you will use after the procedure helps to compress the area and reduce the swelling. It is difficult to specify how long the swelling will be present, as the normalization process varies from person to person. The skin will feel somewhat harsh in the early days thereafter and some irregularities will be felt under the skin. This is completely normal and will disappear eventually. Massage has a good effect on these ujevnhetene. [/wc_accordion_section] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> Insurance and installment:"] If you are interested in financing the treatment via loan, we have good solutions for you. Private hospital Haugesund cooperates with the resource Bank which is a solid player on the Nordic market. Please talk to our supervisors for information on financing. Cash and credit cards can also be paid with us. [/wc_accordion_section] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> Facts about the treatment:"]

  • You're in the hospital about 3 hours
  • Treatment takes about 1.5 hours
  • Private hospital Haugesund has been dealing with the health Vest from 01.05.2014 about Operation thigh plastic which has medical indication. I need a doctor's referral. Only pay the normal deductible as well as any materials.
  • We deal with insurance companies
  • We offer partial payment

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