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Happy with short latency of hip prosthesis

12 Jul, 2018

From the time he was at the family doctor the first time until he had finished surgery, it went under two months. Kenneth Aageen is very happy with the quick and good treatment he received on PSH. 48-year old from Bergen went to Haugesund to work in his hip prosthesis, and he did not regret it. -I'm going better now than I did 10-12 years ago, and it only one month after surgery, he smiles.  

   Old injury

At age 13, Aageen got a power in the hip during handball play, which was first thought to be a bruised hip. But around ten months later they discovered that it was more complicated than that. -It turns out I had got the hip and hip bowl turned apart. And since I was operated so late, I've been struggling with my hip ever since then, he says. Aagea has managed very well with the damage, despite some pain. But a few years ago it began to become more painful, and the last six months have been really bad. -It was mostly bone-to-bone, no cartilage, and it started to slip out. The right leg was closer to three centimeters shorter than the left, he explains. It was time to Fastlegebesøk and MR to check the old wound closer. This was at the start of April 2018.  

   Fantastic follow-up

By the job, Aage had a good health insurance. The insurance company buys space where it is fastest to reach, and I got a request to travel to Haugesund. I answered yes to a consultation at the private hospital Haugesund. At Hagavik outside Bergen I had not been given an hour until mid-August and operation at the earliest of November. So I chose PSH, and was operated already 23. May, 48-year-old pleased. Bergenseren thinks he's got a fantastic follow-up to the private hospital, and after training with a physiotherapist, he's now well underway with his own training. He has office work, but has always enjoyed being active in his spare time. For now it is cycling and light lifting, but eventually he envisions both running and hiking in the mountains. And now he can do it with a leg standing in the normal position. Before, the leg was always utovervendt. -Now it's right there, and I can move it both inward and outward, says Kenneth Aage.


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