Specialist in the field of plastic surgery Dr. With. Elisabeth Zetlitz is the responsible physician for medical cosmetic treatments at the private hospital Haugesund to provide a safe, fresh and natural result, all the injection treatments in the private hospital of Haugesund are carried out by specialists in Plastic Surgery. Treatment has become one of the most common cosmetic treatments in Norway and the United States, among other things, to:

  • Smooth Wrinkles
  • Treat extreme sweating in underarms

The treatment inhibits the muscles, and is usually carried out in the forehead or between the eyebrows to bring out deep wrinkles such as "Sinnarynken," Kråkefotrynkene "on the outside of the eyes and" tversoverrynkene "in the forehead. The injection is performed with a disposable syringe with a very thin point. The tip is so thin that there is little discomfort with the treatment. Many customers describe the feel of a mosquito sting. [Wc_accordion collapse = "1"] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> How does treatment work?"] The treatment works so that it blocks nerve impulses to small facial muscles and prevents those muscles from pulling together. In this way, the overlying skin becomes smooth and without disfiguring wrinkles. The remedy works only on the specific muscles that are treated and not on the nearby muscle groups. The treatment fits well to both men and women and the impact of a treatment lasts for about. 4 months. To maintain the effect, one should have 2-3 treatments a year. [/wc_accordion_section] [Wc_accordion collapse = "1"] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> who performs the treatment?"] By private Hospital Haugesund there are authorized physician specialists who inject. It is essential to get a natural and good result that the treatment is authorised and has extensive experience in cosmetic treatment techniques. In some clinics the treatment of nurses is performed. This is something the government's pharmaceutical tools are warning against. [/wc_accordion_section] [Wc_accordion collapse = "1"] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> How does treatment take place?"] The treatment takes a few minutes depending on how many areas you want to process. Daily action can be resumed immediately after processing. After the injection it takes 2 – 3 days for treatment to begin working and up to 7 days before the full effect is given. [/wc_accordion_section] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> What can you expect?"] The effect is not permanent, it lasts 3 – 4 months after the first treatment. In order to maintain optimum power, injections 2 – 4 times annually should be calculated. Later 1-2 times annually. [/wc_accordion_section] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> who can be treated?"] All healthy persons over the age of 18 can be treated. [/wc_accordion_section] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> Consultation before treatment:"] Free and no-obligation consultation, if one wishes treatment after this, this can most often be done in the aftermath of the consultation. [/wc_accordion_section] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> Complications and side effects:"] are time-vessels nesting and most related to needles and perforation of skin and blood vessels (bruises etc). Skin infection and allergic reactions occur very rarely. [/wc_accordion_section] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> Health insurance:"] Private hospital Haugesund cooperates with all the major insurance companies. Do you have health insurance as an individual or through your employer then contact us and we can help you. [/wc_accordion_section] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> Payment solutions:"] If you are interested in financing the treatment, we have good solutions for you. Private hospital Haugesund cooperates with the resource Bank which is a solid player on the Nordic market. Please talk to our supervisors for information on financing. Otherwise, only credit card payments with us. [/wc_accordion_section] [Wc_accordion_section title = "> Facts about the treatment:"]

  • You're in the private hospital of Haugesund ca. 20 minutes
  • can go back to work the same day

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