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BMI or body mass index is calculated at a person's height and weight. For Many, BMI can be a good indicator of whether one is normalvektig, overweight or underweight. Formula: Weight (kg)/height ^ 2 (cm) a BMI of 25 is considered overweight, based on WHO its classifications. The formula is not completely accurate, and for example, does not take into account muscle mass. Highly muscular individuals may therefore have a BMI well over 25 without being obese. BMI shall not be used as an indication of excess weight in children or pregnant women. In health context, it is also important where on the body fat sits. Much Midjefett is more harmful than fat on hips and thighs. Thus, a measuring tape can be as good a measuring tool as a bathing weight. Most people who want weight reduction will have this as soon as possible, but it is in the means time best with vektreduskjoner that take place over time. The body is programed to hold a stable body weight, and therefore can bring about reactions in the form of strong hunger. Then one might end up losing weight as fast as one went down. During slow weight reduction the body will more easily accept the changes.  


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